The life of disadvantaged children in upland areas in Vietnam is a matter of concern to the whole society. From the lack of food and clothing to learning conditions, both material and spiritual.

Difficulties in socio-economic life, material facilities, spiritual deprivation, and living conditions … of the ethnic minorities in our country are long-term problems that the Party and State are concerned about and actively provide guidelines and policies to improve and promote people’s lives, especially disadvantaged children in upland areas. Besides, voluntary organizations also actively call, donate and carry out volunteer trips to share difficulties with ethnic minorities.

To contribute to sharing love to light up the smiles of children in the highlands. We chose a volunteer site, which is the Kindergarten in Tia Dinh village, Tia Dinh commune, Dien Bien Dong district, which is one of the difficult schools that need to be generously donated from donors.

Due to difficult economic conditions, most of the classrooms are only temporarily built with simple materials. The students and teachers here are extremely lacking in facilities, especially books. Many studious students have to walk more than an hour to get to school.

We organize the program “Love connection journey” to help students after the Covid pandemic to help them have more conditions to learn more knowledge. Coming to the program, each product you buy will be deducted a part to use for charity activities, to build to improve the school’s facilities for the children.


Tin Liên Quan